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Ocean Way Drums by Sonic Reality is a top drum software plug-in, winning Keyboard magazine's coveted "Key Buy" award and Electronic Musician’s “Editor's Choice” award. The Ocean Way Drums DTXPANSION Kit 10m is a free download. Top drum programmer David Polich created this Medium Dry to Ambient Mix collection of Ocean Way sounds specifically for Yamaha’s DTX electronic drums.

Another free download is Sonic Reality’s Drum Masters DTXPANSION Style Kits 5 Pack which includes multi-sampled recordings of the following drum sets: Blues Kit, Classic Rock Kit, British Kit, Motown Kit, Yamaha Jazz Birch.


To download the kits follow this link and use the Redeem Code PROMO-OWDTX when prompted.

* To Load the kits you must have DIMM Memory installed. Click here to purchase.

(Due to License Agreements, users must create an account at to access the free downloads.)

Yamaha is also providing free downloads of extra kit content for the DTX 900 series at is also the place to get USB drivers, Cubase Extensions, and OS updates for the DTX Series drums so you’ll probably want to bookmark it in your browser.

Click here for more details on the free content downloads at

Details about the Kits

Ocean Way Drums DTXPANSION Kit 10m

Top drum programmer David Polich created this Medium Dry to Ambient Mix collection specifically for Yamaha's DTX electronic drums based upon top quality sample libraries from Ocean Way and Sonic Reality. As Sonic Reality CEO put it: "Though virtual instruments like Ocean Way Drums DL were designed to be played best from a quality electronic kit such the DTX, we thought it would also be great to offer top quality sounds in native DTX format so they can be loaded right into the kit's RAM."

Sonic Reality's Drum Masters DTXPANSION Style Kits 5 Pack

Blues Kit: Vintage Gretsch drum kit recorded with snares in a medium sized room in a Nashville studio. Organic, crisp and full sound ideal for blues, rock, country and other styles includes bonus extras like a Yamaha Sub Kick mixed in for extra depth to the bass drum and more.

Classic Rock Kit: A DW Pacifica "Classic Rock" drum kit recorded with snares in a unique stone live room with a Yamaha Sub Kick. This kit has a unique edge, with a higher pitched snare that cuts through the mix. Great for classic 1970's and 1980's rock.

British Kit: General purpose vintage "British Rock" drum kit recorded in a Nashville studio in a medium sized live room. Raw-sounding kit blends retro and modern rock.

Motown Kit: Gretsch drum kit recorded with snares in a medium sized room in the same style as classic Soul and R&B records from the 1960's and 1970's.

Yamaha Jazz Birch: Yamaha Jazz Birch drum kit recorded in a Miami studio during Drum Masters sessions with John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake). It also features a Yamaha Sub Kick for getting deep bass tones ideal for hip hop, R&B and pop as well as an organic jazz sound.

The new Sonic Reality Drum Masters DTX Studio Kits 5-Pack ($79.99), is also now available for purchase and includes five unique sounding, multi-sampled drum sets, including: Bonzo Kit, PremTimbale Kit, Ring Kit, Gretsch Kit, JBSonor Kit. More

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