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Voices1,115 drum voices, 211 General MIDI melody voices
Tone Generator16-bit AWM2
Drum Kits50 factory preset, 50 user programmable
Polyphony64 notes
SamplingYes (Max 64MB)
SequencerYes (2 track)

The DTXTREME III is an electronic drum kit system like no other.

Coming from a long and illustrious line of Yamaha electronic drum kits, this flagship kit features a brain that's based upon the world-renown "Motif" AWM2 sounds. Like the Motif, the DTXTREME III has an outstanding sampling capability (with optional memory installed) and a powerful sequencing engine. With USB MIDI on board, the DTXTREME III is not only a standout stand-alone instrument, it can function as the front end of a complete music production system embracing live performance, rhythm training, music creation and studio recording.

The DTXTREME III's preset kits and voices are just the beginning. You also have full WAV/AIFF sampling capability that lets you store your own sounds and compile your own kits, and a MIDI sequencer to drive new beats.

Be sure to check out some of the videos on the DTXTREME III here on the site.

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The DTXPLORER puts YamahaĆ­s compelling electronic drum technology seen on the DTXPRESS and DTXTREME series within reach of the beginning eDrummer.

This 5-piece kit includes high-impact rubber pads with natural feel and rebound, and comes mounted on a sturdy folding ribbed rack. For added convenience, the kit also features an FP-6110 bass drum pedal and a coded cabling snake for quick and easy setup.

You can connect CD player to the module via the AUX IN, and a PC or Mac can be connected via the MIDI ports. The DTXPLORER module can even be used with a traditional acoustic drum kit as a stand-alone trigger module.

Make sure you check out the DTXPLORER in action in the media section, or on the complete DTXPOSED DVD in the shop.

Rack System Lightweight aluminum tubing with ball clamp mounts and cymbal booms.
Pads TP65 8.5" rubber toms x 5, KP65 kick, PCY65 cymbal pad x 2, HH65 hi hat pedal, FP-6110 foot pedal.
Voices214 drum, percussion voices (including 22 General MIDI sounds)
Tone Generator 16-bit AWM2
Drum Kits 32 factory preset, 10 user programmable
Polyphony 32 notes
Sequencer Yes (1 track)


Voices 427 Drum, Percussion Voices, 22 Keyboard Voices
Tone GeneratorAWM2 Maximum Polyphony 32
Drum Kits 50 factory preset, 20 user programmable
Effects Reverb x 19 types, Master EQ
Trigger Setups Preset 7, User 4
Sequencer Note Capacity Approx. 16,000 notes
Recording Type Real Time Replace Track 1
Songs 3 Demo Songs, 41 Practice Songs, 19 Pad Songs, 20 User Songs
Metronome Tempo 30–300 beats/minute, Tap Tempo function Beat 1–9
Training Functions Measure Break, Groove Check, Rhythm Gate
ConnectorsTrigger inputs 1, 5, 6, 7 (stereo phone jack L: trigger input , R: rim switch)

Yamaha’s unrivalled tradition with both acoustic and electronic drums continues with the DTXPRESS IV V2 that marries highly responsive pads with newly-sampled kits from some of Yamaha’s classic acoustic models such as the Oak Custom and Recording Custom.

Even on the Standard model you get full-size cymbals, plus new learning tools in the 427 drum and percussion sound-housing brain. The V2 cymbal pads have changed to PCY135 3-zone pads. The DTXPRESS IV Special goes on to offer an extra cymbal and separate hi-hat with stand With the V2 the cymbal pads are (2) PCY135 cymbal pads, (1) PCY155 3-zone pad, hi hat is now the RHH-135. These are the same cymbals as the DXTIII Special kit has.

The DTXPRESSIV comes with 50 preset kits and 20 locations for storing custom creations. And there's not only drum samples on tap but also percussion and bags of special effects.

Whether you’re in the studio, on the road, or work mainly from home - where you can patch in your CD or MP3 player, or make use of the excellent teaching and practice aids like programmable metronome, Rhythm Gate, 44 full-length songs, and built-in sequencer - the DTXPRESS IV offers a sonic experience and feel way beyond its price tag.

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