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January 2022

Message from Yamahaís Bob Terry....

Hi DTXrs!

Exciting news! Dec 17th 2009 DTX drums and Yamaha are announcing our new DTX900 Series. Itís been a long time coming, but they are finally here. I know there has been some buzz and speculation as to whatís been going on and what we have been up to - well now you will know.

One of the most exciting things that I would like to share with you is the new DTX-PAD that features a Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) Head. Yeah, I know it’s a mouthful, but it’s a literal translation of what the head is made of. The TSC head is comprised of a bunch of cells that contain air, and depending the how much air and the size of the cells - determines how the pad responds when you play it. The snare pad is a bit more reactive than the tom pads, which is similar to an acoustic kit when you play it. I guarantee that you are going to like the response that these pads give you. They don’t feel like a rubber pad and they don’t feel like a mesh head either. You can really lay into them and not feel any strain or shock. There isn’t too little rebound or too much rebound. They feel really good!

We will be posting new footage on the site of our legendary stable of artists. We invited many of them down to our artist relations office in Hollywood recently and let them all go off on the new kits. We filmed all of it and there is some insane playing going on. You will also get to see their true reactions and responses on camera after they Xperienced playing the new pads for the first time. I also conducted some pretty candid interviews with them. So, stay tuned to the site as we will be posting the footage soon.

We will be debuting the new DTX900 Series kits at this yearís Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California in January. The kits should be arriving in the stores around the end of February and first of March. I canít wait to hear what you all think. We are really excited about the new kits and we hope you will be too.

Again, itís all about the groove: feeling good and sounding good!



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