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#787770 - 06/26/21 10:53 AM How do you fall asleep?
KilaMila Offline

Registered: 06/06/21
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I'm glad I'm not lame, but in my sleep I can molest my girlfriend. I toss and turn very hard. I once had a dream that I was fighting with someone and I accidentally broke my girlfriend's nose. It was funny, but scary because I can't control my movements in my sleep. I also push my girlfriend off the bed very often. At first it was funny, but when it happens 3-5 times a month, it becomes no fun. How do you fall asleep?

#787771 - 06/26/21 12:45 PM Re: How do you fall asleep? [Re: KilaMila]
SamCharlos Offline

Registered: 06/07/21
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I used to sleep very badly because I was uncomfortable lying in bed. I also know that mattresses are very expensive and I could not afford to buy a mattress for a long time. As a fact, after buying a good orthopedic mattress, I stopped tossing and turning and sleeping badly. My life has gotten better. I recommend you pay attention to what you sleep on. You can learn the difference between mattresses here I hope it helps you.

#787793 - 06/28/21 04:08 PM Re: How do you fall asleep? [Re: SamCharlos]
GarPil12 Offline

Registered: 03/11/21
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I agree that the quality of your sleep depends on the mattress among other things, but not just the mattress. It also depends on what you ate before going to bed or what you did. It is important to strike a balance between all the aspects that influence your sleep.

#788989 - 10/11/21 12:04 PM Re: How do you fall asleep? [Re: GarPil12]
lisa7878 Offline

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I think that the key of a good sleeping is pillow. I really like to sleep on the belly and actually don't think that it is healthy but I started to read more about this habit and found out that there are special pillows. So,  is a good review where you can freely find a lot of special pillows that are good for the healthy lifestyle and for a calm sleeping.

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