Ensouled heads. The last method on the RS gold record is quite new. The participant who has over 60% favor in Arceuus House can instruct prayer using Arceuus magical on ensouled heads. If you want to train with this technique you should be a high battle level. At least 60 in every stat is suggested to start of however the better level you are - the quicker you'll acquire Prayer exp. Additionally, you will need Slayer level corresponding to this creature you are just about to kill.

When searching around Gielinor players may find ensouled monster heads. Those can be attracted to Dark Altar where they can be restored using Arceuus magic. Animated monsters may be redeemed for prayer encounter. Overall this method is cheaper than sacrificing bones in Altars but slower at the exact same moment. It will give quite good experience so in the event that you would like to save money while training your prayer it is unquestionably one of the better ways besides Ectofuntus. It is also worth noting that ensouled heads can be kept in rune pouch leading to buy RuneScape gold additional stock distances. If you want to utilize this technique follow these measures: