Greetings Gang,

Can anyone provide the expansion hardware connections and settings i would need to make on the dtxplorer brain, using the following gear i have?

1. 1 x TP100 3-zone snare drum pad
2. 1 x PCY100 3-zone cymbal pad
3. 2 x PCY65 cymbal pads
4. 5 x TP65 - original 2-zone pads
5. 1 x KP kick drum pad

Ideally i would like to set it up the same as John Bonhams kit (Ref:, as follows:

24 inch 2002 series ride
15 inch 2002 series Sound Edge hi-hats
16 inch or 18 inch 2002 series crash on his left
18 inch 2002 series medium ride for crashing on his right

26x14inch Bass Drum
15x12inch Tom (mounted using a snare stand)
16x16inch Floor Tom
18x16inch Floor Tom
6.5x14inch Snare Drum (Chrome Supra-Phonic)

Special Considerations:
0. I am a complete newbie and having a hard time understanding the hardware and how to change triggers for each jack settings of the brain.
1. only 1 of the 3-zone pads can be used since DTxplorer only supports one jack.
2. the remaining 3-zone pad may need to be used as a 2-zone pad and connected to and most likely not the spare jack on the KP kick pad since it is a monaural jack.
3. Crash cymbals need to be chokable

PLEASE HELP ... as i found the instructions hard to understand in the owners manual and cannot seem to find any clearly defined instructions for newbies to start with. I promise to make a free step by step video tutorial explaining each of the following if anyone can help me understand each of them and help me accomplish this effort successfully:

1. How to setup 3-Zone hardware and configure the DTxplorer brain to use them as ..
A) 3-zone snare pad
B) 2-Zone snare pad
C) 3-zone rash cymbal
D) 2-zone crash cymbal

2. How to connect the 4 cymbal pad hardware, and configure the brain for each of them accordingly:
A) HI-HAT - 15 inch
B) RIDE - 24 inch
C) CRASH - 16 inch or 18 inch (on the left side of the drummer)
D) RIDE - 18 inch medium (on the right side of the Drummer)
ATTN : All of the above sounds are preferably the 2002 series!

6.5" x 14" Chrome Supra-Phonic Snare Drum
10" x 14" Mounted Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
16" x 18" Floor Tom
14" x 26" Bass Drum with Rail Mount & Cymbal Mount
29" Ludwig Machine Timpani Drum
30" Ludwig Universal Timpani Drum

15" Paiste Sound Edge Hi-Hat
16" Paiste 2002 Medium Crash (1973)
18" Paiste Giant Beat Medium Crash
20" Paiste Giant Beat Medium Crash (1970-1972)
20" Paiste 602 Medium Crash (1973)
24" Paiste Giant Beat Medium Ride
38" Paiste Symphonic Gong

1. Bonhams 1971 KIT
2. Bonhams 1972 KIT
3. Bonhmas 1973 KIT - This will be the default kit for #33
ATTN: alternative kit setups using the above other drums and symbols will also be created for specific songs or albums labelled via year - eg: 1973 - GONG - Mobey Dick, Lemon Song - etc wink

3. How to repair-clean failing pad triggers eg: KP pad and all other Pads

4. Once i have the above in place, i will use my electronics skills to see if can make a simple programming boot loader to hardcode them into the brain at a later date (if at all possible that is).