Man buys 25 identical lottery tickets for same drawing

A Virginia man's unusual gamble paid off when he bought 25 identical lottery tickets for the same drawing and won 25 times for a total prize of $125,000.Get more news about 电子游戏包网,you can vist

Raymond Harrington told Virginia Lottery officials he visited the Wegman's store in Virginia Beach and decided to buy 25 $1 tickets for the July 17 Pick 4 drawing.Something just told me to play 25 times," Harrington recalled.

The gamble paid off when Harrington's number combination came up: 4-6-4-0.

Each of Harrington's tickets won a $5,000 top prize, earning him a total prize of $125,000.

The winner said he plans to use his money to help his two sons, who are in college.