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#783861 - 05/27/20 07:52 AM water ring vacuum pump unit isolation treatment
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water ring vacuum pump unit isolation treatment

Vacuum pump is a kind of equipment that will be applied in many industries, and it plays an increasingly important role. However, in the process of use, it is inevitable that it will have such or such problems. When facing these problems, we must be patient to deal with them, because only in this way can it give full play to its use advantages, as well as for water ring vacuum pump unit , let's talk about its corresponding isolation processing. I hope this article will help you.

First of all, we should check whether the work is normal; whether there is leakage point in the vacuum system; at the same time, check whether the pipeline of the vacuum system and the continuous vent pipeline of the low pressure heater are damaged, whether the vacuum breaking valve is closed tightly, whether the sealing water is normal, and whether the steam supply pressure of the shaft seal is normal; Check whether the steam inlet valve, diverter valve and load relief valve of the shaft seal are normal, whether the water seal of the shaft is normal, whether the shaft heater fan is in fault or the negative pressure of the shaft heater is low, start the standby fan, check whether the exhaust system of the small turbine is normal, if necessary, start the electric pump, stop the small turbine and close the exhaust butterfly valve.

Check whether the sealing water of the condensate pump is normal and whether the condensate pump leaks air; whether the water level of the condenser is too high; if the vacuum of the condenser drops to - 87kpa, the standby water ring vacuum pump unit will start automatically, otherwise it will be put into operation manually; if the vacuum continues to drop, the load shall be reduced; if the vacuum drops to - 84kpa, the load shall be reduced to zero; if the vacuum drops to - 81kpa, the trip protection shall act, otherwise, the shutdown shall be manually tripped.

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