Blizzard's new solution in Shadowlands would be to make content appropriate for amounts 50 through 60 and to return the wow classic gold amount cap to its value of 60. New players start at level one, plus they play via a new introductory zone constructed for Shadowlands based on the quest design lessons Blizzard has learned over time. As soon as they play through that experience that is introductory, they could subsequently level up to 50 to catch up with current material by playing the prior expansion (Battle for Azeroth) right away (from around level 10).

This skips all the content prior to the prior expansion to provide players the most modern encounter from a pursuit design POV (also to make sure the players are linked with the current storylines). It also ensures gamers have a leveling plateau that is shorter --Blizzard says it'll be up to 70% shorter than it is currently to get to the cap from level


However, it becomes even more interesting when you look at how it will function for alts (second or later personalities created by existing players). New characters created by players will have the option of leveling up the way in all the old zones from the beginning. However they will also be able to go through the new-player beginning experience if that is what gamers prefer.

The expansion's content will climb perfectly with the Buy classic wow gold character level, and each is tuned so reaching level 50 entails playing through the content in a similar pace to a similar egree of completion as these expansions offered when they were present content.