Raw Powder Thymosin Acetate Hormone Peptide Beta 4 Tb-500 Bodybuilding

Raw powder Thymosin Acetate Hormone Peptide Beta 4 Tb-500 Bodybuilding
TB-500 Description
TB-500 is present in virtually all human and animal cells, which is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4. The main purpose of TB500 is to promote healing. TB500 also promotes creation of new blood and muscle cells. The healing effects of TB-500 have been observed in tendons, ligaments, muscle, skin, heart, and the eyes. Thymosin beta-4 is naturally produced in higher concentration where tissue has been damaged. TB500 is also a very potent anti-inflamatory agent.
How to Use Thymosin beta 4 acetate powder
Give one 2ml vial subcutaneous each week for six consecutive weeks. There after use one 2ml vial per month. It's best to give injection 6 days before intense work.
We recommend giving the shot the day after intense work then giving the shot every seven day there after. You must make sure to hydrate very well when using this product. Give normal vitamins and mineralsto support normal racing function. Hydration is key when using this product.

TB-500 benefits
Healthy Hormone
Burning Fat
Promoting body growth
Decreases in body fat
An increase in lean mass
Increased collagen production
Improved sleep
Increased cellular repair
Increases in bone density