It is important to treat hair regularly with products that sustain and protect it. Annabel Cologne, Director of Frederick Moreno Training Department
Nursing, gestures, accessories are not always easy to get the right reflexes to take care of your hair. Follow Annabel Talon's professional advice to have beautiful hair every day

One Stop making hair fragile
Throughout the year, there are various factors that affect and erode hair, first of all scalp contamination. Drug therapy can sometimes alter capillary fibers and an unbalanced diet. Food is too rich or nutritious. More importantly, unfortunately, some shampoos are harmful to hair. Most hair care is made of siloxane, a liquid substance used for hair care, smoothing and shining. But eventually they'll suffocate him. It's bound to fall.

Two Choose a care ritual that suits your lacewigsbuy hair
Like skin, hair is alive and needs to be rehydrated after bathing. So shampoo doesn't need care. You have to use repair masks systematically. Second, the ideal treatment is three months: three times a week, use light bulbs, micronutrient capsules or antiskid bulbs, especially at the beginning of school, because hair is falling and most vulnerable.