Dry Vacuum Pump Application

For ordinary oil-free vacuum systems, although oil-sealed vacuum pumps and accessories such as cold traps or adsorption traps can be used to prevent reflux, they can not solve the problem thoroughly, and make the system complex. The use of a suitable type of dry mechanical vacuum pump can achieve the desired effect.

1) Polycrystalline silicon in low pressure chemical vapor deposition.

2) Semiconductor etching process. Corrosive gases and abrasive particles are often used or generated in these processes.

3) In addition to semiconductor technology, some processes that produce particulate matter do not want particulate matter to be mixed into the pump oil, but expect particulate matter to be discharged from the pump. A certain type of dry mechanical vacuum pump can meet the requirements.

4) Distillation, drying, defoaming and packaging in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry should prevent pollution caused by organic solvents and be suitable for dry vacuum pumps.

5) Used as the front pump of general oil-free clean vacuum system to prevent oil pollution.

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