Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Discount

Converse just dropped floral Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Mens in both high and lowtop silos, and now we see them chunk down a bit, focusing on a single specific style within this flowery family. The ‘Hawaiian Print‘ Converese Chuck Taylor All Star comes in two different lowtop colorways, one a bold red canvas base with yellow and soft green graphics, the other in black with more of an emphasis on the verdant tones. These are highly affordable summer go-to looks and with Chucks, well maintained pairs only get better with age and wear, so have a closer look below, then grab yours straight from Converse.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Womens go completely tonal with these new options from Converse for the most classic sneaker of all time. If you’re tired of your standard Chucks, now you can grab an eye-catching edition of the shoe in a 100% tonal colorway, seen here in your choice of red or blue. Literally every component of the shoe from top to bottom is the same color making these true “Triple Red” and “Triple Blue” renditions.

When it comes to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star US Sale you can’t knock the canvas look, it’s one of those sneakers that has forever cemented its place in footwear history. With that being said it’s always nice to mess with the formula a little bit, and that’s certainly going on here. The front of the typicalConverse Chuck Taylor All Star Cheap silhouette breaks into a textured leather toebox, which also encircles the lower half of the sneaker via the foxing. The brown-shoe look is finished off with rounded laces and d-rings on the top end. Let’s also not forget that the canvas featured here is anything but standard, with a weatherproof coat applied as a buffer against the elements. Hit the jump for the full look at grab them now at the webstore.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Discount looks to be the first sneaker from that brand to get suited up in the “Year of the Horse” look. Actually the releases gathered here are more plainly labeled as “Chinese New Year” on Converse’s site, but that’s just a little too vague for our tastes. As you can see, traditional Chinese colors like red, white, and gold help out the premium pairs.