a ball full of sweetness with a cup rim on the side to expand the table.
for what kind of hair? you have to have a degree in it and get a nice result. a: the hair is easy to achieve.
a short cut around the head with the lengths of preserved around the edges of the face to a little more slowly. the topping is simple, use your fingers and let go of your desires.
for what kind of hair? all the hair. the cup is on the face, with a round, oval, diamond, and young enough.

spirit natural for the short cut. the fuses are degraded to obtain a good volume.
for what kind of hair? the curly or wavy.
meantime, spring summer 2009 collection.
glamour and femininity are you with this short cut is not too short. the fuses are long and the amount present on the top of the head.

for what kind of real hair wigs hair? those who have the material to avoid a dish that is not likely.
for women who love the haircut of character. jean louis david was a very short haircut, which is 100% of women. the council, with a cut of this style, put on makeup or a top glamour.