of course, where you can change the pattern against the film, that's the bathroom. in the shower, wash your hair with softness, with small friction massage, will be the greatest service we can render to the scalp, so as not to increase the irritation to skins.

a step of drying the same, smooth. no need to rub the face with a towel, the use of energy in microfiber is simply plug the hair. the brushing. when the strokes are determined to break the hair roots. moreover, the brush, let's talk about it, they store the skin particles, dust and bacteria are present on the skin. so that the film is not found, it must be regularly cleaned in warm water with baking soda. same thing with the elastic, favorites and other bars.

for their part, heating devices, such as brushes, human hair wigs uk hair dryers, curling irons, blowers, levelling, damage to the hair and are harmful to the scalp. also, if they have a function to reduce the temperature, it is good to use it. the staining and discoloration are permanent, habits that it is better to change, or at least delay, so that the film is not conducive to their growth. why is it that one time, do not take a break.