So as we sit and chat about what we are going to do the last couple of days before school starts, he pops up with, "mommy, can I have another Halloween party this year. Yes, you heard me right Michael Thomas Shirt , he is already asking about Halloween. On one hand I can't believe what I'm hearing, however, on the other hand I too love Halloween. Actually our whole family loves Halloween. My two kids actually talk about what they are going to ware throughout the whole year. And as soon as the stores come out with Halloween stuff we're there.

Back to the party, I say "ok lets have a Halloween party". We sit down and make a list of guests. I'm fortunate as a lot of my sons friends, their parents are friends of mine, so I get have have a little party of my own as well. And some help as well. Once we have our list done Alvin Kamara Shirt , we talk about the costumes. We have to have this little talk, as we had a Halloween party two years ago, and a lot of the little guests wore costumes that had accessories with them. And as we all know, the accessoies these days may not be appropriate to have at a kids Halloween party with 20 of them running around. So I say "there will be no kind of weapons allowed" and of course I get the ahhhhhhh. But that's where it ends. We talk about what we should have to eat and drink and decorations. OH decorations now that is the fun part.

Now we can hardly wait until the end of September. We'll make up same invitations, or you can buy them, and well give them out to the guests. We'll decorate the house the last weekend is September. Yes Drew Brees Shirt , I said "We'll" the whole family gets involved, it's actually turns into a great day, you're spending time together and preparing for something that you all enjoy. I know you're probably thinking on my gosh that's early. My feeling is, if you're going to take all that time to decorate you should enjoy it for awhile. So out comes the decorations for inside the house and out. Oh yes, you have to decorate the outside as well. That's one of the best parts.

When the day arrives we'll have some kid appropriate music, some yummy "scary" snacks Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Shirt , and games to play. I'll only plan a few things for them to do, because as we all know, they'll just want to hang out and make their own fun. We'll have pizza, and blood punch (any kind of red juice) with Jello hands and eyeballs floating in it. Cup cakes that look like spiders, and just the usually Halloween candy. I'll try to make it easy, in reality at this point my kids don't really care about what they eat Erik McCoy Shirt , they just want their friends around. Now for me and my friends. We care about the food, so I'll make some delicious appetizers, such as my Cheddar Bacon Dip. One thing is for sure, your kids will remember your Halloween party for years to come.
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