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#445822 - 06/23/10 03:55 PM Recording with DTXtreme 3
zildjian Offline

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Hey guys I'm wondering if anyone can help simplify this for me. Right now I'm recording my DTX kit with an M-Audio interface with Protools right now. The only down side is its designed for recording guitar and vocals so the sound is a bit distorted.

I was watching some videos on Yamaha's website about recording with the DTX kit and they mentioned using a DAW recording software like cubase. The main thing I want to do is edit each track individually, like for instance if I add an extra snare hit I could go in and edit just the snare, or bass ect. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with MIDI but that's a different language to me. If anyone could help explain the simplest and cheapest way to record and edit each line I'd really appreciate it. I'll also post a link at the bottom of the interface and video from Yamaha's website.;cp=1&lp=4

#445921 - 06/30/10 05:00 AM Re: Recording with DTXtreme 3 [Re: zildjian]
TomTom Offline
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Sorry I didn't see your post earlier so apologies to you for the late reply.

I checked your two links and let me first comment on the Yamaha video. Its purpose is to convey and promote the use of what you can do with "any DAW" but it is oversimplified and is not intended to be a tutorial video.

For one thing, it says simply connect the USB cable and you're done - not exactly. You need to setup the module to use the USB ports (done in UTILITY > MIDI > OTHER) and then press STORE to make that change permanent to the module. Next, download the Yamaha USB driver from the internet and follow the installation instructions for your computer's operating system. Once those two things are done you can send and receive midi to and from the computer DAW via a midi track. It is not as easy as "just press record" as you need to setup the midi input and output. Like I said, it is a promo video, not a how-to video.

So the second thing is your interface. There are two problems with the package you bought. One is that there is no stereo input, so the best you can do is record the DTX in mono (if it is distorted then switch the button off guitar and put it on to line). The second problem is that Pro Tools does not like the Yamaha USB midi driver. That is what you get when you buy a proprietary system like ProTools.

Cubase plays well with others, so you can get Cubase and it will work with the M-Audio interface by using the ASIO driver. If you can't go for the full version of Cubase 5 then I'd recommend Cubase Studio 5. It is the mid-level program and offers a lot of power in a more affordable package. There is also Cubase Essential 5, the most basic version.

The simplest way to record and edit each line is with MIDI. If you go back and watch the video, you will see that the yellow drum track has vertical and horizontal lines (midi data) and the tracks below look like audio waveforms (audio).

The midi editors of these programs let you see each note against the time-line along with the velocity (strength) of each note. Then you can record your audio after the performance has been fine tuned.

Good luck - I hope this was helpful.
Happy Drumming!

#445986 - 07/04/10 10:53 AM Re: Recording with DTXtreme 3 [Re: TomTom]
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Hi Zildjian,

I don't know if this is any use to you but I use an M-Audio Fastrack Ultra which has 8 input and is not that expensive. To me it sounds as though you are trying to record audio rather than midi. Just to clarify..... When you say you would like to edit an individual drum are you referring to that sound/eq/effects etc OR the placement of the midi notes?

If if it for the placement of the midi data then take TomTom's advice however if you want to record each individual drum sound onto a separate channel in ProTools then you can do this the long way or the short way.

The long way is to record your performance using midi into ProTools/Cubase etc and then playback the midi file using the DTX as the sound source and at the same time you'll need to record the audio from the module. You will also need to mute all of the other drum sound in your midi file before playing them back. You will also need to do this for each drum.

The short way is to use a soundcard with multiple inputs and send the individual outs on your DTX to the inputs on your sound card then set up a template in ProTools with the individual drums and their respective line ins. This way you can enable recording into ProTools via audio and have each drum on a separate track. Also with cubase you can record the midi data at the same time.

I know it's not a detailed explanation but hopefully it will give you an idea of some of the different things you can do. I use to do it the hard way and then I decided to get a multi input card. Now I only have to record once. Well, or at least until I get a good take without mistakes. :-)

I hope this helps.


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#446003 - 07/06/10 03:52 PM Re: Recording with DTXtreme 3 [Re: Darth Fusion]
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Darth - Yes, I want to just be able to change the placement of the midi notes. I've had times when i record and I'll accidentally hit the bell when im using the ride, I want to go back and take out the bell sound.

As far as getting the Yamaha USB driver from the internet, Are these found on the Yamaha website?

#446005 - 07/06/10 05:15 PM Re: Recording with DTXtreme 3 [Re: zildjian]
CaTaPulT Offline

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You can download the Yamaha USB midi driver here......
Take care and good luck.

Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<


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