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#444015 - 02/15/10 04:14 AM hi hat controller issues with DTX Multi 12
rhythmconnect Offline

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I just got my DTX Multi 12 and have been playing around with it. I love the potential of it for a cut down kit, but I am running into issues.

I have a hi hat controller that is made by Pintech but is basically the same as the Yamaha one. When I first plug it in it initially shows up on the screen but there is no functionality and then if I navigate away and come back it no longer shows up on the screen.

I am working with the Oak Custom kit which I stored as a user kit so I can edit it. I have made sure several times that all of the settings are activated for the hi hat, but still nothing. I'm guessing I must be missing something but I cannot figure it out??? Once I do get it working, will it automatically sync with pads 7 & 10 which I have setup to work with hh closed foot and hh open foot?

One other issue I am running into on the Oak custom Kit is that pad 10 and external pad 15 (which I'm using for my kick drum) are somehow linked. Whenever I change one the other one changes. Do I need to set up a custom trigger configuration?

Thanks so much for any help!

#444044 - 02/16/10 07:03 PM Re: hi hat controller issues with DTX Multi 12 [Re: rhythmconnect]
TomTom Offline
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Welcome to the forums - rhythmconnect!

First off, you say the Pintech hi-hat controller is basically the same as a Yamaha HH65. I have no experience with that pedal so I will assume that is correct (but obviously if it doesn't work there might be something different about it).

Did you plug the hi-hat controller into the HH CTRL jack using a TRS cable?

Did you plug the pedal in BEFORE turning on the power to the MULTI as is recommended in the manual?

Is the cable good (100% working) and plugged in all the way to the pedal and module?

If so, then double check the cable and realize the problem might be with the pintech pedal.

As for the other issue on the Oak Custom kit - it just so happens that pad 10 and pad 15 share the same MIDI NOTE (B0/35) so the fact that when you change one voice the other picks up the same voice is totally normal operation. What you will want to do is change one of those notes to an "un-used" midi note (meaning a note that is not assigned to any other pad).

You do this by:

1. Calling up your Oak Custom kit and pressing MIDI.
2. Select either pad 10 or pad 15.
3. From the MIDI1 page, make sure the Message Type = "note".
4. Press ENTER and cursor to the right until the MIDI1-2 page. Here you want to change the midi note to a new value - one that does not have a asterisk* - for the pad you selected.
5. Next, press VOICE and you can assign an independent voice to the newly configured pad.

STORE your kit when finished.

*=An asterisk on this screen indicates that the note number is assigned to another pad of the current kit.

Hope this helps - let me know how it works out with the hi-hat pedal.
Happy Drumming!

#444059 - 02/18/10 12:48 AM Re: hi hat controller issues with DTX Multi 12 [Re: TomTom]
rhythmconnect Offline

Registered: 02/15/10
Posts: 2

Thanks so much for your very thorough and helpful reply!

I actually decided to call Pintech and talk with them about the HH controller issue. They confirmed that Yamaha has switched things on their newer modules so only their proprietary controller works!!! I knew something was up because it works fine on my Roland Expanded TD10 module. So, I have gone ahead and ordered the Yamaha HH65. Maybe this info. will help future users?

Thank you for the great info. on the midi note issue. That makes perfect sense now. I have never actually taken the time to mess with midi much before, but I get the idea and can certainly follow what you shared.

I am still reviewing the DTX Multi 12, but so far I am impressed with it over the Roland SDP-S. Besides the larger memory and USB port, the sensitivity adjustment is a huge advantage on the Yamaha.

I've found for my playing style and picking up subtle ghost notes, the finger setting is best, even when using light sticks. As the manual points out, you have to go in and finetune the crosstalk settings, but so far I have been able to arrive at a fairly good setting.

My goal is to create a very cut down kit for those occasions when it would be helpful and warranted. Given it's staggered layout, the only tricky part for me is deciding which pads on the Multi 12 to designate for the Hi-Hat (HH). Some options make it difficult to do left and right stick snare hits off the HH. I've tried several options, but right now I am using the top middle edge pad (#2) for the HH edge, and the top middle pad (#5) for the HH closed. The only disadvantage is that I am adjusting my playing slightly since the HH edge is being played above the HH closed pad rather than below or closer to me as on a traditional HH configuration. I'm trying to avoid adding an additional HH pad, but that is always an option you have with the Multi 12.

Those are just some other thoughts for others to consider about the DTX Mulit 12

Thanks again for your help!

#448450 - 04/24/11 12:42 PM Re: hi hat controller issues with DTX Multi 12 [Re: rhythmconnect]
Timmy666 Offline

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I have recently acquired a DTX Multi 12 and have been having similar problems as per the above issues, except I have been using a Roland FD-6 controller. I will try and troubleshoot as per the comments on this forum, but do you think I will also have to purchase a HH-65 to resolve my problem.

Hasten to add, I have barely scratched the surface with the Multi 12 but I love what I have heard so far.

Any help on this issue would be most appreciated.



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