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#404579 - 07/11/08 06:12 PM tips for the newbie?
KBlair Offline

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any tips for me? not only m i new to drums in worship, but new to drums ltogether. we do pretty trditionl service with some contemporary songs thrown in. 3 piece combo - piano, acoustic guitar nd now drums. my gear will be n xtreme 2s with an older dtx 2.0 vilble if needed. ive got pro bably 2 or 3 weeks to figure out some stuff to go with trditionl hymns. any resources for drumming to hymns?

#404580 - 07/12/08 12:16 AM Re: tips for the newbie?
dannyman Offline

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Lots of snare cadences, and throw in some bass drum to accent hits and keep it moving. If you can fit a basic 4/4 beat to it it will give it a more contemporary feel, of course, the pianist and bassist will need to be able to go along with that. The toughest part is not playing the same thing every verse and every song. Maybe start out with some light crash and ride work while keeping the beat on the hi hat, throw in a snare cadence the next verse, then start playing the bass drum along with the cadence the next verse. I've found that hymns in 3/4 are actually more conducive to contemporary beats (the 80-year-olds won't get so mad at you). Well, I hope this helps a bit. Good luck and God bless .
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#404581 - 07/14/08 09:22 PM Re: tips for the newbie?
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Most drummers have three volumes... loud, Louder, and LOUDEST!

Be a musician and learn finesse and dynamics. Playing at a softer volume can add more to the song and say a lot about your playing than having your bandmates or worse, the pastor/priest tell you to turn down.

#784833 - 08/27/20 10:57 AM Re: tips for the newbie? [Re: KBlair]
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