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#259293 - 06/02/06 02:21 PM THE PLAYERS GALLERY
firstelement Offline

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Loc: England
Hi !

Here's the place to post your MP3s of songs you've done. Could you let everyone know what hardware you're using - ie dtxtreme, dtxpress etc.

Also, if you want to comment on any of the songs can you use the comments thread? That way we can limit this to the songs.

Sorry to sound like the Fat Controller

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#259294 - 07/12/06 12:55 PM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
CaTaPulT Offline

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I did like your idea of this thread Pete so I think I'll be the first victim! hehehe
Months ago, I was playing around with BaconBls, remember, this is my favorite tune that's built into the DTXtreme IIs.
Well, I was messing around and decided to try this song at tempo 160 instead of it's stock 120. Actualy, it's the first time I hear it in months and I beleive I played it better at the fast tempo than I did at the slower one for the Allstar Jam! hehehe
Anyways, see attachment.
Take care

Regards: >>>> Jack <<<<

268425-Jack160.mp3 (620 downloads)


#259295 - 07/12/06 02:23 PM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
drummerdude1868 Offline

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Loc: Ohio
Great job Jack. Talk about your fast food. Whew!!!
Here is a oldie that I did with a band last year for a class reunion. One of the guys in the band had a DTXIIS kit and that is how I got hooked on it. We were only using a partial kit and did not do much tweaking.

268428-Wolly Bully.mp3 (504 downloads)

Dave "Drummers do it with rhythm"

#259296 - 07/16/06 07:36 PM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
BobbyMck2 Offline

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Oh well in for a penny, in for a pound. This is the 1st thing I've recorded on my Yamaha AW16G. The song was written by my brother and it is him and myself playing on it. Maybe to no-ones taste but I'm quite chuffed, though it's still a work in progress and this is not a final mix.

Hardware used.
AW16G, 1 electric guitar, 1 acoustic guitar, DTXtreme, a midi controller keyboard and a Shure KSM27 mic.

269084-Me&HerRemix2.mp3 (650 downloads)

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#259297 - 08/14/06 09:08 AM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
O. Zone Leher Offline

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Hello everyone.

This is a most trite song, so I hope you'll forgive me. Even The Archies wouldn't touch it. Drums are played on the DTXTremeIIs, of course. Also, please excuse the vocals, I never said I was a singer, just a songwriter...


274588-NothingVentured.mp3 (729 downloads)

#259298 - 08/14/06 09:12 AM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
O. Zone Leher Offline

Registered: 05/20/06
Posts: 535
Loc: Middle Of Nowhere, Turlock Ca.
Hello again.

Hopefully, this one will make up for the previous blather. Same instrumental setup, drums by DTX...


274590-DifferentMan.mp3 (503 downloads)

#259299 - 08/16/06 06:48 PM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
JoeMcc Offline

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Loc: Seattle Area
Found this on my computer this afternoon....

This was a while ago. This song been part of a contest yet?

I think I recorded this last Oct. Fun to listen back and see where you have improved (and not improved).

All sounds are onboard recorded directly to an IRiver MP3 player.

Song got cut off at the end during upload.


275176-AUDIO003.MP3 (685 downloads)

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#259300 - 08/21/06 11:44 AM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
martycampbell1 Offline

Registered: 04/22/06
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Loc: Ireland

Hi Folks

Here's a song written by our acoustic guitar/ Saxophone/ Flute/ Irish whistle player.

His name is Markus Kraeber.... A very talented guy indeed!! Originally from Germany, Markus came to Ireland about twelve years ago to do a course in violin making..... And stayed!!! TFFT... He's a huge driving force in the band, and an all round nice person... I've listened to some of the arrangements that he's done for other bands / musicians, and its really fantastic.... Anyway.... About this song.....

Each year in Tipperary, there's a peace festival. This song was written specifically for the festival. Last year the festival drew musicians from as far as the States, Canada, UK, and whole lot of mainland European countries.....

The line-up on the recording:

Markus Kraeber: Words/music/arrangements/programming/soprano sax/acoustic guitar.

Tom Ryan: Vocals

Tom Byrnes: Electric guitar

Me: Drums and stuff

I also have to mention Stevie, a very talented sax player... On the night of the festival, she played sax and Markus played acoustic guitar

276078-Track01.mp3 (639 downloads)

A variable tempo works best........ Marty

#259301 - 07/07/07 06:54 PM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
pjcohen Offline

Registered: 05/14/07
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Loc: Maryland, U.S.A.
(Some of) my songs.

Stored on FileDen because I don't feel like uploading them again, and to keep bandwidth here low. Compressed to 128k stereo MP3s.
Practically none of these feature either A- or V-drums, except that I sampled some of my Sabien cymbals. Most instruments are samples, real things credited. Lyrics, arrangement, recording, and mixing all by me over about a 15 year time span. Sequenced, recorded and mixed using Impulse Tracker, ModPlug Tracker, Cool Edit 2000 studio, Internet Audio Mix, WinAmp. Nothing fancy.
Many influences, 60s onward. Lots of songs, no particular order, feedback appreciated. Enjoy, or don't.

Love In The Darkness
Phill does disco.
Me: Lead and backing vox, acoustic guitar, keyboard.

Grunge/pop rock. My best work in my opinion. Slight clipping in the mix.
Me: Lead and backing vox, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, keyboard, samples of my cymbals.

Tori Amos meets INXS.
Me: Lead and backing vox, harpsichord, keyboard. Tanza Coursey: Not so great lead and backing vox. I let her live, but getting a halfway decent mix was challenging.

Keep Your Faith - original version.
I also did an acoustic version on piano. Hooky pop.
Me: Lead and backing vox.

Ramen Noodles
Short, odd instrumental. About that most wonderful of dorm foodstuffs.
Me: Clarinet over loops.

Still Life
Moody trying to hold onto dying relationship song. Influenced by The Cars.
Me: Purposely hard-to-makeout lead vox on verses, more hearable lead and backing chorous, keyboard, electric guitar power chords played for samples, acoustic drum/cymbal/hat samples, acoustic guitar on bridge.

Running Away
Getting up courage to talk to the girl song. Hooky, somewhat repetitive 80s style pop.
Me: Lead and backing vox, claps. Tanza Coursey: Good lead and backing vox, claps, purely coincidental "penis" in backing.

Self Entitled
Hair band-ish declaration of independance. Also sounds like Bryan Adams' "Run To You."
Me: Somewhat muddled lead and backing vox, acoustic drums played for loops and samples, electric guitar(s) played for loops and samples, keyboard.

Bonnie's Song (Babydoll)
70s-80s pop/classic rock love song. For my ex
Me: Lead and backing vox, electric guitar(s), acoustic cymbals.

Full Of Dreams
80's fm/analog pop song about the essentials of life, influenced by Stevie Nicks and "Spider" John Koerner (folk artist, oddly).
Me: Lead and backing vox, keyboard, electric guitar, obvious quote from Animotion's "Obsession."

6/8 pop love ballad.
Me: Some of my best lead vocals, backing vox, keyboards, sampled my acoustic drums.

Not Only Time
Moody "I will make things work out okay" song.
Me: Lead and very-multi-layered backing vox, very impressive keyboard playing, my cymbals, obvious Phil Collins reference, obvious self-reference (Still Life).

This Won't Be The End (Extended mix with intro solo)
Moody kick ass power rock/experimental. Turn it up!
Me: Lead and backing vox, somewhat clipped but very well played Warr guitar on intro and looped, keyboard, sampled my acoustic toms, cymbals, hats.

And finally, one not original, but remixed by me. Also, encoded at 192 kbps unlike the others which makes it a 10 meg file, so you'd better not have dial-up if you want to check this one out:
Savage Garden - I Don't Care (PhillHarmonic's Windswept Afternoon Mix)
Disco/Club remix of Savage Garden's "I Don't Care," a B-side to their Affirmation album.
Original lyrics and music by Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones, original recording/mix by Walter Afanasief and WallyWorld studios. Original (c) Sony/Roadshow.
Me: keyboards, sequencing, sampled my acoustic cymbals.

Whew that's a lot. Listen to them if you feel up to it. Remember, it represents 15 years of my life, which is almost half of it in my case. Most of these were released on OOP CDs by me, some haven't been yet, all original material will be on CDs again as soon as I can find a good website to help me with production, distribution, and sales.

-- Phill

#259302 - 09/27/07 10:40 AM Re: THE PLAYERS GALLERY
m_ao Offline

Registered: 07/21/07
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Loc: Sweden
Here's something I recorded in July this year.

I'm pulling all the strings on this one.

The lyrics need a big rework (improvised craptacular) and the drums are too heavy on ride hits. but other than that and some general untightness it's done.

The drums are played on a dtxpressIV.

363996-No Reasons.mp3 (537 downloads)

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